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05 May

About Us



Boom Bap Wear is a brand without borders...  A company with open horizons, as the market is open, both in the traditional selling points but also looking to the rise of new online spaces.

Aware of the ongoing challenges that fashion, crises and microcosms of  very different contexts oblige, Boom Bap´s creative and nonconformist team reinvents a new concept of dressing based on a record-irreverent urban chic fashion, is constantly stimulated to avoid vulgarity and introduce in their artwork humor and subtlety that only art knows how to explore.

What seems simple reflects sustained effort. From design to implementation, presentation, disclosure, there is a team open, participatory and interventionist that during these six years of existence has settled and enthralled clients, especially in the foreign markets, with 95% of the product exported.


Boom Bap Wear introduced a new concept of street fashion rediscovering and recreating it. Giving another life and a new light on the theme of originality and irreverence, melting street fashion style with sensuality and humor of our times.

Boom Bap Wear with its creative and graphic design, iconic and provocative, always present in its collections, freed itself from prejudice...

Boom Bap Wear is not just a brand ... Boom Bap Wear is the brand!


Be Yourself, Be Innovative, Be Disruptive, Be Iconic,

Be Unique and let the rebel in you come out, Be BOOM BAP WEAR