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The graphic identity of this year's fair has been designed by celebrated Parisian illustrator, Pierre Le-Tan

PlanetSolar, the world's largest solar power boat, was unveiled last week. The white catamaran measures 31m (101ft) long and 15m (49ft) wide, and is designed to reach a top speed of around 15 knots (17mph). It can hold up to 50 passengers.

Go anywhere, do anything and end the day clean with the versatile, Scrubba Wash Pack.

The BMW Concept M4 GTS unveiled in Monterey ahead of the official start of this year's Concours d'Elegance is a track-focused yet road-legal take on the already potent M4 coupe. And while the company might be calling it a concept, make no mistake: this car will be going into production.

Christie's International Real Estate has announced a new initiative to build self-sufficient and eco-friendly private islands around the world for consumers looking for a unique residential opportunity.

Caravan Tokyo is a mobile accommodation project located in several strategic areas around the city of Tokyo.

How many times have you entered a hotel and experienced a sense of déjà vu? Anonymous lobbies, hallways and guest rooms all look similar. But not at Hotel Not Hotel, in the center of Amsterdam, where each room is its own unique sanctuary, designed by Collaboration-O, a group of young designers from Eindhoven's Design Academy, and by Arno Coenen and his partner IRIS.

Behold towering Shanghai from low-rise, riverside neighborhood in a transformed 1930’s building with unprecedented boutique comfort and views.